About Us

     Founded by Bruce J. Perazzelli, Bruce Associates opened its doors on November 1st, 1971 in order to help people sell their home or find their dream home. Nearly 50 years later, our small business has continued in our mission. With a team of highly qualified agents and other dedicated members, Bruce Associates, Inc. Realtors will help you find your dream home.


Bruce J. Perazzelli

     Before he began his career in real estate, Bruce Perazzelli had been a physical education instructor at Girard College and in Cherry Hill. Bruce transitioned to a career in real estate when he was employed by Canal & Vassey, Inc. in 1964. Later that year, he got his license as a Real Estate Salesman in the State of New Jersey. In 1966, Bruce became a Real Estate Broker and continued to work at Canal & Vassey, Inc. until 1971, when he opened his own real estate business, Bruce Associates, Inc. in Berlin, New Jersey. Since then, the business has moved to Stratford, NJ.


Maryann D’Agostino

     Maryann D’Agostino has worked at Bruce Associates, Inc. since she was 20 years old. She has over 30 years of experience and specializes in foreclosures and REO services. Throughout her career, she has had many professional acknowledgments, such as the 2013 Five Star Professional Real Estate Award, 2002 Realtor Magazine’s Top 300 Realtors in the Nation for units sold, and many more! You can also visit her website at www.bankownedreo.com.



Rosemary Martin

     Rosemary “Roe” Martin began working at Bruce Associates, Inc. while she was still in high school. Roe handles our business’s finances and is also a licensed agent.